Book a property in a new project

Types of Property We Deal With
  • Flats / Apartments
  • Bungalows
  • Row Houses
  • Land - plots
  • Shops
  • Office spaces
  • Retirement homes

Services We Provide
  • Research the right property and provide detailed information
  • Arrange site visits
  • Assist in negotiations with the builder or seller
  • Obtain allotment letter from developer
  • Assist in registration of the purchase agreement
  • Assist in payment of purchase price to the developer or seller
  • Assist in getting housing loan
  • Pay TDS to government
  • Get periodic account statement from developer
  • Assist in taking possession of the property

Incidental Services We Provide
  • Periodic check of the plot of land for encraochments
  • Legal review of Agreement to Sell prepared by the builder
  • Recommending Stage 2 - cosmetic changes in the property
  • Pre-Possession check - detailed inspection of the property when taking possession from builder

What we need from you?

    To help you buy the right property, tell us your requirements:

  • WHY: objective of buying a property- investment or future residence or future office
  • WHERE: any preferences on the locality
  • HOW BIG: size of the property
  • HOW MUCH: amount you want to invest and timeline
  • WHEN: when do you want to invest

Why Cura?
  • Right location: We recommend projects with potential of rental & resale returns.
  • Right Prices: Our research team enables us to find the right price for buying a property for you.
  • Right time: Given our study of the market and expertise in buying, we are able to guide buyers on best time
    to buy a property.
  • Peace of mind: Ability to provide 'Complete' service - Our professional team provides guidance on all aspects
    including legal, financial, loan, income tax and repatriation matters.
  • Special:
    Signing up for privileged 'Group Discount' -we can get exclusive bulk discount for a 'group of buyers'. Also, we
    will inform you of the opportunity to invest in pre-launch stage when prices are low.

Our Fees
  • Our fees will depend upon the type and locality of the property you buy.
  • We will provide you the estimated fees after knowing your requirements.