Get a Buyer FAQs

  1. Registration Rs, 5,000 + GST = Rs. 5,900 payable in advance to start the advertisement process. This is (non-refundable)
  2. Balance Rs. 25,000 + GST payable (only) when the buyer is confirmed.

Our cost of advertising a resale property is around Rs 20,000 and our service fee is Rs 10,000 for 2 months. (total Rs.30,000)

No. We are not brokers or agents and do not charge the usual 2-3% brokerage for resale properties.

Owner can renew this service for 2 months again by paying Rs 5,000 Less 20% discount + GST. i.e. Rs. 4,720.

No. The sale price for the property needs to be provided by the seller along with property details. We do not assist in any way in finding the market value of the property.

No. We do not assist in any way in negotiations between the seller and buyer or verifying the suitability or financial ability of the buyer.

Cura can connect the owner with a lawyer from its panel of lawyers who can help the owner with legal formalities related to sale of the property.