Kitchen trolley, cabinets & loft covers

Kitchen trolley

  • Space saving - complete storage below kitchen platform
  • Baskets made of stainless steel (S.S.)
  • Water and termite resistant ply and laminate
  • Smooth movement of trolleys
  • Bottom trolley has wheels for ease of cleaning
  • Door shutters made of marine ply and laminate


  • Kitchen cabinets are a convenient storage solution which take zero floor space while providing convenience
  • It also provides ample storage space for spices, food grains, food packets , utensils right above the kitchen counter.
  • They can be made as per order in Plywood , MDF or as glass shelves, glass doors as per requirement.
  • The cupboard can be done up with colorful laminates matching the interior of the kitchen.
  • Installation of cabinets will give your kitchen a classy and uncluttered look.

loft covers

  • Lofts are provided in kitchens & bedroom in the form of storage space.
  • They are convenient to store large boxes and luggage without sacrificing precious floor space.
  • We also provide wooden shutters as per loft dimensions to make the loft look elegant and organized.