Property Management (Rent + Manage)

Our Services
  • Making the property livable – installing basic fit-outs or restoring the property
  • Find a suitable tenant: tenant search and vetting
  • Assist with complete legal, police and society formalities associated with rental
  • Pay utility bills – property tax, electricity, piped gas, society dues
  • Rent and deposit collection
  • Handle rental issues and concerns from tenants and owners
  • Handle society complaints against tenants
  • Attend society annual general meetings
  • Handle tenant extensions and agreement renewals
  • Manage tenant exits, deposit returns and deductions for damages

Why Cura?
  • Only end-to-end property management service company
  • Expertise in all aspects of managing a property effectively– legal, financial, tax and maintenance
  • Five year track record in managing 720+ properties in Bangalore
  • Established tie-ups with related service providers – advocates, electricians, plumbers, liaison officers etc.
  • Established tie-ups with various companies and industry associations helps us rent properties immediately

What we need from you?


  1. Sign our Property Management Contract
  2. Power of Attorney to rent out and maintain the property signed by all co-owners (attested by a local Notary or
    Indian consulate officer)
  3. Copy of title documents
    • Index-II of the property
    • Property tax bill
  4. Copy of utility bills
    • Electricity bill
    • Piped gas bill


  1. Owners contacts:
    • Personal email id
    • Emergency contact numbers
  2. Details for rent and deposit payment
    • Copies of owner’s PAN cards
    • Bank details for deposit of rent and security deposit (NRO or Savings account)
  3. Society contacts
    • Society manager contacts
    • Society committee contacts


  1. Keys and Access cards
    • Keys to the house- 3 keys to front door and 2 keys to other rooms and letterbox
    • Building and club house access cards
  2. The owner can provide us all three even when he is outside Bangalore.

Our Fees
  • Our fees for managing a property depends upon the annual rent of the property, which in turn depends upon
    the exact location, size of the property and level of furnishing.
  • It takes between 120 to 150 hours per year to manage a property in Bangalore. Our usual fees ranges from 12 to 20%
    (depending upon the type and location of the property)of the annual rent of the property. Taxes as per government rates in force are applicable on our fees.
  • Out of pocket expenses such as property taxes, repair costs, legal fees are payable separately at actuals.