1. Floor tiles, dado tiles and terrace surface usually can come loose in a house due to:
    • Temperature variations in the house
    • House being locked and airtight for a long time
    • Poor workmanship
    • Proper material not being used leads to air pockets when installing tiles

  2. How to recognize tiles which may come loose soon:
    • Tiles may sound hollow when you knock on them
    • One tile coming loose will eventually make all the tiles in the room loose
    • Minor or major changes in the level of floor tiles

  3. Solutions provided by us:
    • We fix or replace loose tiles in the floor and dado tiles in the bathrooms, kitchen or dry balcony
    • We also fix level issues in the terrace floor
    • Material used is of reliable brand
    • Ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles or marble can be replaced
    • Pressure grouting in areas prone to water leakage