Landlords Testimonials

Vijay Sathe

Thanks to Cura Property Services, I found a tenant for my property in India in 7 days and without paying any brokerage No Brokerage Flats

Mr. Vijay Sathe, Dubai

Vamshi Guntha

Cura Property Services got a tenant for my property in India without paying brokerage.No Brokerage Flats

Vamshi Guntha, USA

Satya Sahoo

Cura Property Services got a tenant for my India property without paying brokerageNo Brokerage Flats

Satya Sahoo, UK

Mrunal Atre

Thanks to Cura Property Services for helping me find a tenant for my flat in Pune and that too without brokerage. No Brokerage Flats

Mrunal Atre, Pune, India

Mahesh Jadhav

Glad to use Cura Property Services to find a tenant for our flat in India. Not only happy with the money saved on brokerage, but also with the service quality. I recommend Cura to every owner looking to rent out his property in India. No Brokerage Flats

Mahesh Jadhav, Houston, USA

Darshan Desai

I got a tenant for my property quickly and without paying brokerage using Rental Assist Services from Cura Property Services.No Brokerage Flats

Darshan Desai

Avinash Joshi

A unique service from Cura Property Services. I got a tenant from Cura property services in India without paying any brokerageNo Brokerage Flats

Avinash Joshi, UAE