Property Sales Assist Service ( Sell your property )

Get a buyer for your property quickly and also save on brokerage:

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What we do:

  1. We advertise your property for maximum reach across the world.  Know more where we advertise
  2. We handle initial inquiries from prospects.
  3. We get you directly connected with interested buyers.

What you need to do:

  1. Provide us with the ownership proof and signupfees. (1000 + GST).
  2. Give us details and photos of your property.
  3. Connect with interested buyers and negotiate & finalize the deal.
  4. Pay our advertising fees when you finalize the buyer.

Why we get interested buyers so quickly for your property ?

  1. We do not charge brokerage to buyers - hence we get more interested buyers than anyone else.
  2. We advertise the property as if we are the owners of the property (not as brokers)
  3. We advertise properties using various digital marketing methods. 

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  1. We do not charge the usual 2% brokerage or commission that brokers charge.
  2. You can avail Photoshoot Service and Property Showing Service in association with our partners.
  3. You can also avail Sale related Legal formalities consultancy services provided by our panel of lawyers.

For more details, refer our FAQ