Property Management Service (End-To-End Rental Management)

Making the property rentable

Assisting in getting the repairs and restoration done, if any, in getting the property ready to be rented out. This includes any basic wall fittings, kitchen trolleys, electrical and plumbing work, painting etc.

Finding a suitable tenant

Handling enquiries, showing the properties to interested prospects, vetting and shortlisting interested tenants, negotiating and finalizing the tenant after a proper background check.

Assisting with legal and societal formalities

Coordinating with tenants and advocates for legal formalities, completing all the formalities required by the society before the tenant moves in the property.

Ensuring security deposit and monthly rent transfer

Coordinating with owner and tenant for the transfer of security deposit and monthly rent.

Handling any issues and concerns from owners and tenants

Coordinating with owners and tenants for any issues/concerns raised by them in respect of the property/rent/society/complaints etc.

Assisting with reminders and timely payment of utility bills, property tax, society maintenance

Handling agreement renewals

Coordinating with the owners and tenants for leave and license agreement renewals and appropriate rent hikes.

Managing tenant exits, deposit returns and deductions for damages, if any

Discussing well in time with the tenants for ensuring timely tenant exits, getting an inspection check done of the property before the return of deposit amount for appropriate deductions, if any.

Why Cura?

  • Only professional end-to-end property management service company setup by ex-NRIs
  • Expertise in all aspects of managing a property effectively - legal, financial, tax and maintenance
  • 12+ years track record in managing properties of NRIs

Our Charges:

  • Our charges for managing a property depends upon factors like the location, level of furnishing and size of the property.
  • The charges can be quoted after viewing of the property.

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