Buyers Testimonials

Rushikesh Patil

Thanks to Cura Property services, I purchased a resale property without paying brokerage. Team helped me complete the purchase in timely manner No Brokerage Flats

Rushikesh Patil, India

Mandeep Singh Bal

I purchased a row house without paying any brokerage. I am very happy and satisfied with the service offered by Cura Property Services. No Brokerage Flats

Mandeep Singh Bal, Pune

Uthkarsh Anturkar

I got to buy a resale property through Cura Property Services without paying any brokerage or going through any brokers. It's great that they provide all allied services as well. No Brokerage Flats

Uthkarsh Anturkar, India

Prasoon Shrivastava

I got resale flat in pune without paying any brokerage. A unique service from Cura Property Services.No Brokerage Flats

Prasoon Shrivastava, Pune, India