Sellers Testimonials

Jeffson D'souza

Thanks to Cura for helping me sell my property quickly, especially when I no longer reside in the same city. Professional and trustworthy service. No Brokerage Flats

Jeffson D'souza, India

Ashutosh Godbole

Cura's Sales Assist Service is a big benefit for NRIs who are looking to sell their property and do not want their parents in India to run around and search buyers for the property. No Brokerage Flats

Ashutosh Godbole, Germany

Amol Chavan

Thanks to Cura Property Services for their unique property Sales Assist Service. They got a buyer for my property without paying brokerage. Very professional service as well. No Brokerage Flats

Amol Chavan, Australia

Tushar Kshatriya

Cura Property Services got a buyer for my property in India after paying promotion and showing fees only. Neither me nor my buyer had to pay the customary 2% brokerage that agents charge No Brokerage Flats

Tushar Kshatriya, Abu Dhabi

Ashok Awasarikar

Thanks to Cura Property Services for getting a buyer for my Pune property in three weeks & saving me several lacs of rupees in brokerage. Very transparent service. No Brokerage Flats

Ashok Awasarikar, Pune, India

Ashok Paranjpe

I used Cura's Property Sales Assist Service and would recommend their services to anyone looking to find a buyer for their property. They understand the market, are efficient and helpful and I will certainly use their services again in the future No Brokerage Flats

Ashok Paranjpe, UK

Vallabh Vengurlekar

I got a buyer for my property in India within a month after paying their property promotion & showing fees. I did not have to pay the usual 2% commission that brokers charge. No Brokerage Flats

Vallabh Vengurlekar, New Jersey, USA

Ajit Patankar

Cura Property Services helped me sell my plot of land in India. I strongly recommend their professional Sales Assist Service to all property owners looking to sell their property in India. No Brokerage Flats

Ajit Patankar, USA

Mohan Pusalkar

Cura Property Services helped me sell my apartment in Pune quickly. Thanks to team Cura for their professional services. No Brokerage Flats

Mohan Pusalkar, India

Rohit Garg

I sold my property in India quickly to another NRI thanks to the professional services provided by Cura Property Services team. No Brokerage Flats

Rohit Garg, UK

Makesh Rao

Cura Property Services helped me advertise my property in India and show my property to prospective buyers. Soon, I got an interested buyer. I had to just pay the advertising and showing fee and didn't have to pay the 2% brokerage that brokers charge to find a buyer. No Brokerage Flats

Makesh Rao, USA

Karan Madan

They provide you a one stop shop for all your Property Management needs. They have re-invented the traditional property business model which is cost effective and customer friendly. I highly recommend Cura Property Services. No Brokerage Flats

Karan Madan, USA

Dharmang Purohit

Cura Property Services has done an amazing job and helped me sell my property based on my requirements. No Brokerage Flats

Dharmang Purohit, USA

Pravin Narwankar

Cura got me a buyer for my India property after paying advertising fees only. Neither me nor the buyer had to pay the customary 2% brokerage prevalent in India. Look forward to working with Cura again. No Brokerage Flats

Pravin Narwankar, USA